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In this sector, NEVPA Gıda Sanayi Ltd. Şti. that is among the leading foundations of Turkey is a position as one of features of bright, innovative and strong. Our firm that combines the experience obtained for years to production quality and presents to its consumers, with manufacturer qualification of special tastes that our country knows in production of legumes, directs its works with developing an acceleration each year for 67 years.

Our firm that puts into effect from taking of material to presenting to marketing as packaged with completely a sense of obligation and has international accreditation for all equipment pool and provides the latest technology, potently carries out marketing activities in the direction of targets, especially in Turkey now and has achieved to be able to generate suitable and fast solutions for its customers.

Our brand begins to industrial living in 1943 years. As an advantage of its high technology today. The firm performs the productions with over 20 types in accordance with ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 quality standards in its facilities that is established in 6.500 m2 in close area and 5500 m2 in open area. All kinds that are accepted as leader in taste and quality in itself category for each type from raw material to production processes, from packaging to point of sales, with taste habit presented to its consumer carries a real quality to many regions of our country as traditional Turkish taste.

Today NEVPA Gıda is 67 years old, with its stable quality approach for half century and a taste sustained from generation to generation, same enthusiasm, same selfdevotion, same attachment and an experience leaving behind years.

This power will further increase with acceleration and your attachment.
With an expectation to achieve great successes together...

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